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missed you, mama, but being home was a solid reminder to why i left in the first place. back to tahoe tomorrow mourning
GOING HOME TO L.A. FOR A QUICK VISIT, though i’m sad to leave this bad-ass 16-roomed hostel in south lake tahoe (owned by the conservation corps i’m a part of) & all the beautiful new faces i met here. see, when you put a bunch of (inebriated) 20-something-year-olds together, things get weird quick (aka last night). thanks for the whiskey, trent. see you on sunday, coyote den.
just spent the past 8 days camping in the backcountry of inyo national forest. with a view like this, i can hold california by the hand & fall in love again.
by kimbo, sister-in-law
hurricane(, utah)
i miss my little doofus every day. happy birthday to the cutest little beacon of goodness & hope aka my pride & joy aka my favourite person in the entire world aka intelligence with a capital middle finger aka my little brother, (baby) b’aar 

i love you with all my heart. i wish i could make it to your quinceñera, @aaronmedina_
vertigo, pt ii